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Device & Code

99 Modular Sidecar System

99 Modular Sidecar System

An expandable and contractable modular studio system for recording and mixing.




Device and Code combines decades of experience writing and producing music to build analog and digital implementations of the classic audio devices used on the records we know and love. For pieces currently in production, such as those from Overstayer Recording Equipment, Highland Dynamics, and Standard Audio, we work in partnership with the original designers to produce a software representation that lives up to the intended range and capabilities of the actual hardware. 

In the case of archived classic equipment, we leverage the power of highly respected producers that own at least one example piece to archive (in many cases, we are able to archive multiple serial numbers of the same device). They have used these specific devices for years on records from artists such as Beyonce, Ryan Adams, Kanye, Cold War Kids, Spoon, Tom Petty, and many more. We rely on their expertise with these specific pieces to ensure the software highlights what each piece does best, and naturally guides you to the sonic sweet spots.

Our engineering methodology relies on digital and analog analysis with an archival level of detail. Concentrating on transience and phenomena that is beyond normal 96k sampling rates, we employ analog equipment, proprietary analysis, and logging that includes ultra-high sample rates for transient responses. Frankly, our meticulous attention to detail at every step of the development process borders on the psychotic, but we do believe it makes an excellent final product. Visually, our goal is to reproduce the look and feel so accurately, you may actually feel like you are using the real thing, just behind the glass of your screen.

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